Date: 09-02-21

Show Description
: Today is a high energy green show! It is a message of hope and direction. Topics covered include. Who are the real planetary rulers? Why won’t Christians discuss these topics? This is a deep deep rabbit hole show! What are we capable of as Christians having a blood covenant with the most high God? How are the global rulers tied into an inter-dimensional matrix? Why child sacrifice? Are there other species that we don’t know about inter-dimensionally? How do these entities eat? Where does their sustenance come from? What are the names of these entities? Why are they poisoning the planet? How does stress from never-ending wars affect your health? CERN, GMOs, chemtrails, AI, Morgellons, fluoride, autism, smart dust, perversion, drugs, soul cooking, secret societies, transhumanism and the Power of REAL prayer is covered. This is a must-listen green show!

Hosts: Ted & Austin Broer